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Roofing Quality Issues

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Roofing Quality Issues in Ft Myers Beach

Roofing Quality Issues near Ft Myers Beach

Being concerned with all the roofing quality issues can seem overwhelming when you think about it.

There is a lot to consider and a lot to pay attention to when it comes to getting the right materials, the right installation method and the right roofer. Your local professional roofer is aware of all the particulars that go into providing you with a high quality roof and realizes it is in his best interests to make sure that you receive just that.

We have made it simple here for you to learn about the topics that should be part of your discussions with the roofer you are thinking about using to install your new roof. They are as follows:

Roofing Materials: Your choice of roofing materials can determine whether you get the best roof for your needs. Keeping in mind that all roofs begin with an underlayment that must be relied upon after any other failures. Start here with selecting the best product. Now you are ready to move onto the type of roof that you will choose to have installed on your home. Select the type so that you can consider the quality of the products that can be used. Keep in mind that the most expensive products don't necessarily mean that they are of the best quality.

Improper or Inadequate Flashings: The adage that says, "the devil is in the details", is accurate to use here. The detail transitions of your roof require attention and care to make sure the proper flashing techniques are used. The integrity of your new roof relies almost exclusively on how the roofer incorporates the flashings with the roofing products that will be used. Good flashings can make the cheaper roofs last a long time as well as improper or inadequate flashings can ruin the most expensive roofs.

Vents That Get Covered Over: During the removal of the old roof and the underlayment installation, some of your vents can get covered over. Usually your dryer vent or an exhaust vent over the kitchen and bathrooms will get covered if the roofer is not paying attention or just trying to get your roof dry before impending rain. The best way to prevent this is to walk around your home and count every vent that sticks above the shingles, tiles, etc. Write each one down for each area of your roof slope and recheck each area as the roof is being installed for the replacement of each vent. All vents are there for a reason and necessary.

Attic Ventilation All attics are required to be ventilated unless they are sealed by spray foam systems that incorporate the attic spaces with the air conditioned rooms beneath them. Ventilation is a way of relieving some of the pressures that build up on hot summer days as well as providing some generation of air flow for the hot dead spaces.

Roof Leaks during Installation: If your roof leaks after a rain while the roofer is installing it, you have a right to be upset. The roofer is responsible and a professional roofer will always take measures to prevent your roof from leaking once he has removed the old one. After the roofer has begun work in any area, he is required to protect it by whatever means are necessary. A roof leak while the roofer is working in any area is negligence on his behalf.

Roof Leaks after Installation: This should never happen. It is the reason you got a new roof to begin with…right? The roofer is responsible for making everything right and should respond without hesitation. After the roofer determines that the leak is from his work and not another source, he should move straight away to correct his poor workmanship.

Roofs That Do Not Last: All roofs should have a reasonable life to them. All manufacturers offer the time frame to be expected when installed with respect to their recommendations. If your roof wears out prematurely, then either the product has failed, it was installed improperly or the immediate environment is having a dramatic degrading effect on its performance. A quick inspection can determine the problem so that corrections can be made.

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