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Roofing Company Checklist in Ft Myers Beach

Roofing Company Checklist near Ft Myers Beach

Are you using all the tools that are at your finger tips to learn about, and research the history of the kind of roofers you are inviting to your home?

It doesn't take very much time to do a little homework on the roofer or roofing company you are thinking about inviting to your home. With the internet at your finger tips, background checks are a breeze in providing you with the public information you might find vital for making the decisions about to whom you want working on your property. This is something you should take very seriously and we can be of great help to you in this process if you will allow us to be of assistance.

Here is a rundown of topics that can provide endless benefits from the knowledge you will gain in the process of building a roofing company checklist:

Uninsured vs. Insured Roofers: A phone call to your local Building Department or an online check is the easiest way to find out whether your potential roofer is legitimate. The State of Florida requires all roofing companies to carry a General Liability policy as well as a Workers Compensation policy in order to do business with you.

Unlicensed vs. Licensed Roofers: If you use an unlicensed roofer just because they are cheaper, you run the risk of getting far less than you paid. It is the law in Florida that all roofers are to be licensed. The State will not help you if you are cheated and manufacturers do not have to stand behind the warranties of their products when improperly installed. The State and your municipality will be able to give you this important licensing information or we can get it for you.

Who Is the Real License Holder? Did you know that a roofer is allowed to do work under someone else's license if that license holder chooses to qualify him with the local building department? The question here should be, "why doesn't your roofer have his own license?" Was it revoked? We can help you with this kind of research.

How Long Have They Been in the Roofing Business? Would you like to know how long the roofer has been in business? Your roofing needs are very important to you, so using an experienced and qualified roofer should be paramount in your selection process. Considering the amount of money involved here, let's do a little checking first.

Have They Changed Their Name? When the license is in the individual owner's name and their company gets itself in trouble due to poor business practices, all the owner has to do is change the name of the company to continue doing business. The State keeps track of all the names to which the license has been attached. This is public information that is available for your benefit.

Roofers with Criminal Records: Do you care if the roofer you hire has a violent criminal background or not? If you do, then let's do a quick search of their name an see just what pops up in the public records.

Why Google Roofers: This is really a no brainer, and the easiest way to learn about what information is available in the public domain about any particular roofer and their company.

Employees Working off the Clock: Be careful about asking members of the roofing crew at your home to do some work on the side for you. When you employ the services of people like this, you have no safeguards to making sure that the work is done correctly. If they get hurt, it is your homeowner's insurance that will have to be used to help them unless it is an illegal activity that requires licensed workers. Don't get sued over this.

Will They Get a Roofing Permit: If a roofer assures you that he could save you money by not going through the process of getting a permit for your new roof, do not be persuaded. They do not have to get a permit for most repairs but installing a roof for any structure on your property by law requires a permit. Do not let a roofer talk you into this type of arrangement.

Roofing Warranties: You should always be handed two warranties for your new roof. The first warranty is the manufacturer's material warranty. This one gives you the expectations of their product. The second warranty is the workmanship warranty and the single most important warranty. It covers the work your roofer does for you.

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